Vintage Lucite Artisan Beads Carved Gold Soldier Blue

These Vintage Lucite/resin beads are simply spectacular. They have the look of something from an ancient culture - that you might find on display in an art museum.

They're a fabulous shade of blue - somewhere between soldier blue and peacock blue, and are beautifully decorated with gold paint, in a design that looks like a world map at first glance, but then looks more like a floral tapestry, and finally I've decided it is just a pretty design and the pattern is not really identifiable - similar to when you look at clouds and imagine different shapes in them :-)

They sure are gorgeous, though!

You will receive seven (7) in the lot.

Measurements: 20x10 mm

The hole on these beads is generous (4mm), so they would also accomodate leather, silk, or fiber cords.

Make something special with them! :-)

Vintage uncirculated stock
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